By train

In the past, until 1964, Ampezzo Valley was crossed by a small "train of the Dolomites"

If your favorite means of transportation is the train, you need to know that the railway leading to Cortina from Venice is Venezia S.Lucia – Calalzo di Cadore, Calalzo di Cadore being the closest train station, only 35 km away from Cortina d'Ampezzo. From this point on, you'll be transfered by bus to the centre of Cortina. The journey to Cortina from Venice takes approximately 3 and a half hours (train bus transfer).

I treni della montagna” (The Mountain Trains) is a new train service which transports by train, all the tourists heading to Northern Italy mountain resorts.

At day time, the Eurostar Italia trains are connecting Rome and Milan to Mestre - Venice train station and from that point towards Cortina. There are also night trains departing from Rome Termini Train Station (Treno Notte) towards Calalzo. From Mestre (Venice) there are fast shuttle buses towards Cortina, the departure and arrival times being very well synchronized with the trains arrival and departure times.

North of Cortina, there is another railway between Fortezza and Dobbiaco. Once arrived at Dobbiaco by train, you'll be transfered by bus to Cortina d'Ampezzo (more details about the shuttle service and timetable at: The journey from Fortezz to Cortina takes approximately two hours (train bus shuttle).

Cortina d'Ampezzo is also linked by train to Innsbruck. Trains depart and arrive to Innsbruck towards and from Cortina, on an hourly bases, starting at 11:30 to 20:00. The train journey to Cortina from Innsbruck takes approximately four hours.

The link to the central Station is made trough Cortina Express shuttle.

Bus Shuttle services
Cortina Express
0039 0436 060137
[email protected]

Italian Trains Timetable

You can consult trains timetable in Italy on the websiteTreni Italia

If you are planning to arrive to Italy and Cortina by train, from Germany, Switzerland, France or other european country, please check the German Railways Website:

By Bus

During winter season, Cortina is linked to other Italian cities by direct bus lines:

- The bus link Cortina d'Ampezzo to/from Mestre (Venice) is ran by Cortina Express; these bus links synchronies with the arrivals and departures of Eurostar trains from/to Milan.

- The bus link Bologna Train Station to/fromCortina d’Ampezzo is ran by Cortina Express/Zani bus line; these bus links are synchronized with the Eurostar trains coming from Florence-Rome-Napoli and the “Adriatica” railway (Rimini-Ancona-Pescara-Bari).

The jurney to Mestre takes approximately two hours and 15 minutes and from/to Bologna takes approximately 4 hours. You have the possibility to buy a ticket in the bus. For extra information you can contact the public transportation service

Shuttle Transportation
SE.AM Servizi Ampezzo Bus and Skibus

Via Marconi, 5

0039 0436 867921

0039 0436 4571

[email protected]

By Car / Taxi

Driving in your car towards Cortina from Venice, you will pass Longarone and Tai and Valle in Cadore villages. You will enter to the valley of River Boite - you can enjoy the view of Pelmo mountain and Antelao to the right part.

After San Vito village, you can enjoy the vista of the wonderful Ampezzo Valley, surrounded by mountains and forests with Cortina d'Ampezzo laying right in the middle of the valley.

This way is the main route towards Cortina and the only one that doesn't imply driving the car trough dangerous mountain roads. Alemagna National Road 51 crosses Cortina from North to South and the Dolomiti National Road 48bis crosses Cortina from East to West.

Cortina has a one way beltway (ringroad) surrounding Cortina counter clockwise. Along this road you'll find traffic signs pointing the exists to hotels, city centre and other attractions.

By Plane – Airports nearby Cortina

The closest airports to Cortina d'Ampezzo are Treviso Airport (for low cost flights and RyanAir flights) Venice - Marco Polo Airport, Verona Airport, and Innsbruck Airport in Austria. The main International Airport near Cortina is Marco Polo Aiport. On Treviso Airport land and take off airplanes belonging to european low cost airlines like RyanAir, Transavia, Belle Air).

For the 2009-2010 season, the bus transfers are available for the following routes:

Cortina – Treviso

Cortina – Venice
Cortina – Mestre
Cortina – Rovigo

Cortina – Ferrara 

Cortina – Bologna

Cortina – Verona

Cortina – Bergamo 

Cortina – Milano

The shuttle transfer service, between these destinations are available in the winter season from 18th of december 2009 until 5th of april 2010.

Shuttle Transfers Timetable:

- Friday, Saturday and Sunday from/to Venice and Treviso;

- Saturday and Sunday from/to Rovigo, Ferrara, Bologna and Treviso;

- every Sunday from/to Verona, Bergamo and Milan.

Between 18th of Dec. 2009 and 7th of Jan. 2010, bus lines number 703 and 706 from/to Cortina – Venezia, Mestre, Rovigo, Ferrara and Bologna) run daily transfers.

In order to book a place for the bus shuttle connecting Cotina to all the airports nearby, please contact the bus operator Cortina d'Ampezzo Express Pentru a rezerva locuri in autocarele care efectueaza transferurile dinspre si catre aeroporturile ce deservesc valea Cortina d’Ampezzo, puteti contacta direct compania de transport Cortina Express.

Bus shuttle operator:
Cortina Express
0039 338 4340473
0039 0436 643113

[email protected]

Bus reservations can be made latest, one day in advance, until 17:00

By Helicopter

Elifriulia Helicopter Company ( operating helicopter services at Cortina d’Ampezzo (at Fiames Heliport) and Ronchi dei Legionari, flies in maximum security conditions with a very professional crew.

Elifriulia flies everywhere and for any type of request: panoramic flights, private transfer from/to the airports. It take 35 minutes for the helicopter to reach Venice Marco Polo Airport from Cortina d'Ampezzo.

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