Tofane mountain group lies west of Cortina d'Ampezzo in the Italian Dolomites.

The mountain group is part of Parco naturale delle Dolomiti d’Ampezzo Natural Park. The highest mountain peaks of Tofane mountain group are: Tofana di Mezzo (3244 m), Tofana di Dentro (3238), and Tofana di Rozes (3225 m).

There are many red and black ski slopes at Tofana ski area. There are the most difficult ski slopes at Cortina d'Ampezzo, like Canalone, Vertigine Bianca and Olimpia, where the Women's World Cup downhill race is held.

At the base of Tofane mountain group, there are several slopes for ski beginners and children: Socrepes, Lacedel and Pocol.

This area is the perfect place for the first ski lessons, being connected to other ski slopes from Tofane trough a Cable Car.

Ra Valles ski slopes are accessible to skiers trough Freccia del Cielo. There are three ski lifts on Ra Valles.

Tofana Cable Cars and Chair lifts

Cortina-Col Druscie’ Cable Car takes skiers to Col Drusce’A, Col Drusce’ B, Raccordo Tofana, Muro de Ra Cioures and Stries ski slopes.

Col Druscie’ – Ra Valles Cable Car climbs to Forcella Rossa slope, a rather difficult slope at Tofane.

Ra Valles – Tofana di mezzo Cable Car and Socrepes ski lift go up to the beginning of Socrepes and Redonce’ ski slopes.

A.A Gilardon/Roncato Chair lift climbs to Roncato ski slope.

A.A. Olympia Chair lift – Coston del Falco ski slope

A.A. Rumerlo-Duca D’Aosta Chair lift – Canalone ski slope

Baby Lift Socrepes Chair lift – Campo Scuola ski lift

Seggiovia Busc de Tofana –Busc, Aquila and Camosci ski lift

Cacciatori Chair lift – Busc and Aquila ski slopes

Colfiere-Col Druscie’ Chairlift – Col Drusce’ A ski slope, Col Drusce’ B, Raccordo Tofana, Muro de Ra Cioures slopes.

Duca D’Aosta-Pomedes Chair lift – Valon, Canalone, Olympia, Caprioli ski slopes

Olympia Chairlift – Nord/Ovest, Olympia, Prati, Rosa’ ski slopes

Pian Ra Valles Chairlift – Pian ra Valles, Canalino, Forcella Rossa ski slope

Roncato Chairlift – San Zan ski slope

Rumerlo-Duca D’Aosta Chairlift –Vertigine Bianca, Cacciatori, Olympia, Labirinti and Tofanina ski slopes

Lacedel ski-lift –Nord, Sud and Col Taron ski slopes

Pocol ski-lift –Canalino Pocol and Pocol ski slopes

Contact Tofana Cable Car

Cable Car
Funivie Tofana e Marmolada S.p.A.
Via dello Stadio, 12 32043 Cortina d'Ampezzo
0039 0436 5052
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Tofana Mountain Huts

Here are some of the mountain huts at Tofana: Rifugio Angelo Dibona (at 2083 m), Rifugio Giussani (2580 m), Rifugio Duca d’Aosta (2098 m), and Rifugio Pomedes (2303 m).