The Modern Cable Car at Faloria takes the skiers up to 2134 m altitude in just a few minutes. Once arrived on top, you have to chose from over 30 perfect skiing slopes, the main attractions at Faloria, Cortina d'Ampezzo. Another way of getting on top of the slopes is The Vitelli four seats Chairlift which takes the tourists and skiers on top of the Faloria skiing area.

Faloria’s ski slopes can be accessed by Faloria Cable car which starts right from the centre of Cortina d'Ampezzo. Another starting point for Faloria skiing slopes is located at Rio Gere, just 7 km away from Cortina d'Ampezzo’s town centre. At Rio Gere you will find plenty of car parking areas. You can reach Rio Gere by skibus as well. Rio Gere is the connecting point of Faloria ski slopes with the Cristallo ski area.

Since 2004/2005 winter season, ski lovers can reach the top of Faloria ski slopes by “Pian de ra Bigontina”, a 4 seats chairlift.

Faloria Cable Car

The Faloria Skilift was build in 1939. Before that, the only way to get on top was Cortina-Belvedere – Pocolo. The building of “The prince of Piedmont” cable car has revolutionized the winter sports and skiing at Cortina d'Ampezzo. All of a sudden, an extensive skiing area starting at 2100 m has been made accessible for thousands of winter sports and ski lovers.

Video Faloria, Cortina d'Ampezzo

Faloria Cable Car has three stations: the valley station, at 1230 m altitude, right next to the skibus station; the second station is the Mandres station at 1500 m and the third is on top of the Faloria, at 2120 m altitude.

Faloria Skilifts, Cable Cars and Chairlifts

Cortina – Mandres – Faloria skilift and Rio Gere – Ra Bigontina Chairlift make the link to Faloria ski slope (difficulty level: medium);

Tondi Skilift accesses Tondi Normale ski slope (difficulty level: easy)

A.A. Pian de Ra Bigontina Chairlift takes skiers to Vitelli slope (difficulty level: medium), Bigontina slope (difficult) and Monti/Zardini ski slope (difficulty level: medium)

A.A. Vitelli Chairlift accesses the following ski slopes: Tondi Normale, Vitelli (difficult), Canalone Franchetti (difficult slope) and Stratondi (difficult).

Girilada 1 and 2 Chairlift goes up to: Tondi Normale slope (difficulty level: medium), Slittone slope (difficulty level: medium) and Canalone Franchetti (difficulty level: hard)

Faloria Mountain Huts

Rifugio Faloria Mountain Hut (2123 m) – situated near the top station of Faloria Cable Car, here you can stop for having lunch or dinner. The restaurant prepares and serves local food. The Mountain Hut has 35 beds, a large terrace facing Ampezzo Valley where you can sunbath.

Mountain Hut
0039 0436 2737

Rifugio Tondi Mountain Hut (at 2327 m) – this hut is placed on the top end of Vitteli Chairlift. You can enjoy a refreshing drink here, taste the refined food the hut is serving or drink grappa, an Italian traditional alcoholic drink.

Mountain Hut
Tondi, Faloria
0039 04365775

Vitelli Ski Bar Mountain Hut (at 2010 m) – is situated at the departure point to Sciovia Vitelli.

Pista Bar Pian Bigontina Mountain Hut, 1750 m is a refugio where you can have wurstel sandwiches and sausages.

Rio Gere Restaurant (1698 m) is located near the starting station of Cristallo and Faloria Chairlifts. Here you can also find a ski rental and ski service point.

Rio Gere, Faloria
0039 04363434

Snowboarding at Faloria

The Snowpark at Faloria comes with special snowboarding ramps for snowboarders: half-pipe, rail or jumping ramps. The Snowpark is located at the base of Canalone Franchetti Slope, where you can get by Vitelli Chairlift.

Faloria area has many slopes full of adrenaline for the begginer, intermediate and very experienced snowboarders.

Ski Man Service is a ski and snowboard service facility, located at the base station of Faloria Cable Car. Here you can rent ski or snowboarding equipment, sledges, repairing services, etc.

Ski and Snowboard equipment rental
Ski Man Service
0039 0436 867475