Piccolo Lagazuoi Outdoor museum

Mount Lagazuoi is a real stone castle with towers, spirals and military bases hidden inside. During the Great War, the Italian and Austro-Hungarian armies have dug trenches and shelters inside the mountain, to shelter their soldiers, weapons and ammunition, transforming the Lagazuoi mountain into a XXth century fortress.

You can reach the museum by car or by foot.

Visiting the museum is free of charge. One can rent audio guides in Italian, German and English. Nearby there are a car park and a public toilet. The entire museum stretches 650 meters vertically.

The museum can be visited during winter time, by joining the Great War Ski Tour.

Piccolo Lagazuoi
Passo Falzarego
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Cinque Torri outdoors museum

During the Great War, the Austrians turned Sasso di Stria into a defensive fortress on the Valparola Pass in couter-position to the Vonbank, located at the base of the mountain Lagazuoi.

From Sasso di Stria, the Austro-Hungarian troops lit the Lagazuoi area at night, using light projectors, checking the Italian army movements and possible attacks.

In 1916 started the digging of the Goiginger tunnel where you can get by climbing to Tre Sassi Fort towards south-east.

Tre Sassi Fortress

In the late 1800s, the Austro-Hungarian Empire was planning a series of fortifications on the Cadore heights. They were meant to stop possible attacks by the new Italian state, attacks coming from the north side, towards Val Pusteria and Isarco Valley. The austro-hungarians decided to build a fortress - Tre Sassi Fort – in order to block the Valparola Pass entrance.

The construction of this fort began late, in 1898. The fort was equipped with 80 mm guns, pointing to the south. Evidences of the fighting in this area are exhibited here: photos of the time, old documents. Visiting is possible for a small fee and audio guides are available in English, Italian and German.

Hours: 10:00 to 12:30, 13:30 - 17:00. The museum can be visited during winter as well, but only planned in advance, with groups of at least 15 tourists.

The Tre Sassi Fort is located near Lake Valparola and Valparola refuge.

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